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Hi Dr. David Olson
Thanks for reviewing my question.
Hope you are doing well!
I am from India.
My baby is 30 days old. He only breast feed.But his poops are very irregular from day one,around 3-4 days after. Generally he passes wind with bad smell. What  to do? Please advice.
My doc prescribed COLICAID drops daily for 3 times.And ENTEROGERMINA Ampoules once daily for 20 days.And his mother has been instructed to avoid:
1. Chilly, spices,tomato,onion,cabbage family,milk and milk products.
His weight: 3.1 kg on 17 days.(Born time it was 2.690 kg).
His urine is normal and around at least 10 times per days.
But HIS SLEEP TIME is very less (maximum 2 hours at a stress,after that he wake up and cry), sometime HE CRIES FOR WHOLE NIGHT. I read in BABY CARE website that,new born sleep should be 15-16 hours per day.
I am worried on this issue.
Please help!
No other abnormality has been found. No infant jaundice has been seen.
Thanks for your valuable opinion.

Hi, Sayantan,

You are describing a healthy baby, in general, who is having some irregular pooping. Avoiding maternal foods seldom does anything for this, but no harm in giving it a try.  Colicaid drops are fennel and simethicone, two ingredients that may sooth gassey colicy babies.  They are safe, but who knows how effective.  Really no good studies that indicate effectiveness, or everyone would use them. The enterogermina is a probiotic, and also harmless and may be effective, but again, don't expect much.  

Lots of normal healthy breast fed babies have infrequent stools.  If they are thriving and doing well, I generally explain this is normal and do nothing.

Most newborns will sleep at least 15-20 hours a day.  Add up the time he sleeps and I will bet he is doing close to this.  If he is up a lot at night, he may have some day/night reversal.  Try not letting him sleep for more than 2-3 hours in the day, and wake him up to disturb the day sleep.  Have mom feed him with lots of warmth and tenderness in the day, looking at him and being encouraging.  At night just the opposite:  feed quickly, don't look at him, hold him loosely and generally make this quick and not very rewarding for him.

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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