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Hi Dr. Olson!
My 6 years old son has been asking me to scratch his back all the while I thought it was just dry skin due to the weather. He also has been complaining of knee pain for a week (the same time his back itches) that comes and goes until now. I just put ice pack on the knee and he said it feels better. But today his knee pain got worse, he's crying and telling me that it hurts when he stands. I also happen to see that he has scaly rash on his entire back. I gave him Benadryl thinking it's an allergy and wrapped his knee till he fell asleep. Is there any cause of concern because he has both the knee pain and the rash?

Hi, Marie,

Can't really think of any plausible link in an otherwise healthy kid.  With the dry skin, use a daily moisturizer.  If the knee is clearly red, hot or swollen, see your doctor.  If these symptoms persist, then best to see your doctor.  Again, hard to think of anything terrible this could be in a kid who is healthy.

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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