I'm sorry to have to ask you this. I know you focus on children but I am 34 and have had a cough for a couple weeks now. Some improvement but I still have a tickle. I don't smoke and didn't have a  fever. Just been a little more tired perhaps from the coughing throughout the day. I tried a pill cough suppressant and expectorant which helps but there always seems to be more stuff to cough up and my voice isn't quite back to normal yet and I can't hit high pitches without serious cracks in my voice. This all seemed to start when I throughly cleaned the bathroom. Is there something going around?

Hi, James,

Coughs for a couple weeks that aren't getting better probably need to  be evaluated.  The vocal cord issues, can't hit the high pitches, suggest a vocal cord issue, probably viral.  The exposure to the cleaning products could also have inflamed your airway.  If you are feeling otherwise well, no shortness of breath or fever, I would just watch things for a week.

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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