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My son has OCD.   He's only eight and a half. It's not particularly common in the age group which is why we suspected PANDAS.  it could also be Tourette because tics are sometimes present but the onset at age 5 was ridiculously rapid And after a sore throat. We suspect but is hard to confirm. The symptoms are pretty much identical to Tourette except that the big increases follow illness and not other stimuli.  The dx has been expanded to PANS since it seems soe kids may have an immune and/or inflammatory reaction to illness.  The OCD is manageable at home but a disaster at school.  No one knows ERP. they communicate With us only when there's a catastrophe.  We are totally in the dark.  We have always been able to help them help our son but there's no consistency.  The psychologist on staff only knows book theory and ABA which are not indicated here. Only ERP helps him function.  It's not time consuming but requires thoughtfulness.  He has a para but she s clueless.  I think a half day would make everyone happy and the whoe situation more manageable but trying to figure out how to present this medically.  We are on our own because psychs trained in ERP for kids are rare and charge huge fees not covered by insurance.  We got to where we are school of hard knock, doing it, reading, revising and we know our son well.  Real OCD in young kids is rare and poorly understood. We don't like having our progress undone at school.  We are realistic about their resources but trust me they're pretty much doing nothing per IEP.  They blame it all on him which is sad because he's sick.  When not having OCD he's very amiable, not anxious, and above average in most academics.  He's been chastised for tics he can't control that's how minimal their understanding is And they won't stop the ABA which never worked and even instilled new compulsions.  Rewards never work for him except once and then he wants big rewards for little, rewards are not for all kids. They work great for my daughter but even then I go week without it so she doesn't get addicted.  She doesn't have OCD or tics but has an OCD personality and has had teen body issues that I feel are above average in intensity.  But seeing these different levels, I can assure you very few people have a clue about real OCD.  My daughter functions. My son once wouldn't read without counting vowels.  Can you imagine?
The school misread it and even questioned his reading and he's been reading since age 5!
At home we agreed to count every other sentence and phased it down till he eventually stopped. That's ERP.
Do you have any opinion on what's best here. Our son hates school most of the time and we care much about his psychological health.  Thanks

Hi, Lina,

Sorry to hear about your son.  I don't understand many parts of your comments.  What is ERP?  Has your son seen an academic pediatric psychiatrist?  Is any diagnosis that he has firm and well thought out?  This is the type of complicated question that no one can answer in this forum.  

Sorry I can't be of more help to you, Dr. Olson


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