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today my son has his second dose of rotavirus orally. he is almost 5 mths old. he did fine with first dose a few months back. today, while nurse was administering the rotavirus, my baby started coughing and threw up quite a bit of formula.... nurse said she only gave him half. she asked dr if she should give rest... dr said no in case he throws up again. she told me to come back tomorrow or next day to give him new full dose.... is it possible he could overdose??? im a first time mom and very concerned. not sure if i should just skip the rotavirus completely. what if some went into his system...

Hi, jojo,

No possibility of overdose.  In our office, if you get really any of the dose in, we don't repeat it but it wouldn't hurt if your doctor wants to give it again.  This is very safe and you could give everybody two doses each time and nothing would happen.

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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