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my daughter who is 10 yrs old has complaint about throbbing headaches since early childhood (since the age of 4-5).  initially it used to be moderate but she always twitched her eyes and later on sometimes she said it was severe. it lasts only for a few seconds and there seems to be no pattern to occuring of these headaches.  i consulted a general physicain and he suggested me to get a CAT Scan done.  after looking at the CAT Scan he said he could not find any thing abnormal with the CAT Scan.  for a kid its a fearsome feeling and even as a parent it worries me as there seems no explanation to these sudden and irregular pain. and they have occured at the back near the back of ears. kindly suggest what it could be and what i shall do.

Hi, Manoj,

If there is a family history of migraines, I would think of so-called "icepick" headaches, a pain that describes your daughter quite nicely.  I would have her seen by a pediatric neurologist, if you can.  If this is the case, some migraine preventative meds can be used to see if this will help.  These are scary, but benign and often, at least in some medical series, will go away with time.

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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