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QUESTION: Hello.  My son is 9 and just had his well check-up.  I received a copy of his check-up to give to the school and to have for summer camps, etc.  There is a space for abnormal findings and she noted Long QTC and HCM.  She didn't speak to me about it and was wondering if you have any insight as to what this may be.  We were told to return next year for his 10 year.  Thank you.

ANSWER: Hi, Cindy,

I'm not sure why on a routine exam an ECG is done.  Was there some concern?  I'm also not sure why your doctor didn't talk about this at the visit.  Was there concern about the heart? Long QTC can be associated w several heart rhythm problems, depending on how long this interval is.  Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy can range from a normal variant to something that could cause death with exercise.  Please call your doctor and find out about this.  Can't explain this any better without further information.

Good luck, Dr. Olson

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: There was no ekg done, this was a regular well check up. She didn't say anything, just saw it on her notes. I have a message into the office. Not sure if she suspects a this or not. She asked that day if he has a history of fainting or if there is sudden death in my family. I told her no.  Can you hear this with a stethoscope?  Thanks.

ANSWER: Hi, Cindy,

Something is wrong regarding the charting.  I suspect, if no ECG was done, that this result is in the wrong chart.  These finding can't be detected, in any way, by listening. She should be able to figure this out.  I would be curious what happened.  Feedback is always appreciated, especially in situations like this, where I may learn something so I don't screw up!  Sometimes with electronic health records, or even paper for that matter, things get mis-charted.

Thanks, Dr. Olson

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hello!  Everything is fine. She didn't have space so she continued her history in the abnormal findings. Above it said no sudden death syndrome,  no history of syncope and chf- she wrote under meaning no long qct and hcm. This is what happens when I read doctors notes!  Thanks so much for your detailed, thorough answer and interest.  I truly appreciate it.  I didn't get to the point of freaking yet since I assumed it was an error on my part!

Hi, Cindy,

Glad everything is OK.  Although the electronic health records are here to stay, we all who use them have found little glitches and places we don't "do it correctly" that screw things up.  Glad all is well and keep in touch if you wish.

Good luck, dr. Olson


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