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Hi Dr. David,
My baby was born on 25/04/2015 at 9:33 AM IST. after born it was observed that he has breathing problem, so we shifted to NICU asap. he is on oxygen for 2 days and today doctor shifted to ventilator.
when he inhale his chest goes inside. Doctor said it is symptom of Larygomalacia. In which when he inhales, his inhale pipe gets collapsed and due to which enough oxygen does not goes into body and Co2 level increases.
Could you please provide answers of following questions:
- is ventilator required in this case?
- Do we continue with oxygen supply?
- is this larygomalacia or any other problem?
- What is impact on kid's future due to this issue?

Thank you..
Alok Mohata

Hi, Alok,

I really can only give you general answers to these questions.  Your docs know what is specifically going on.

Ventilators are sometimes required in severe cases of LM.  Most of the time they are not.
If the oxygen levels plummet to really low levels consistently, then supplemental oxygen might be needed.
I can't tell what this problem is without seeing your baby.  If competent docs tell you that this is what is happening, then go with their plan of action.
The outcome is totally dependent on the severity of this and the ability of your baby to keep good saturation levels of Oxygen consistently without a tube.  If this is impossible, then a tracheostomy would be considered.

I hope all goes well.  Good luck, Dr. Olson


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