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Dear doctor,
I have a 5 year old with vague symptoms. While waiting for blood collection and gastroenterologist I would like to see if you could help me with potential causes of all these symptoms:

About one month ago, stated with frequent BM (normal type) and urination (small amounts but every 5 min). This lasted a few days. Then this stopped and in a week abdominal pain started around navel and has not disappeared until now. He also started getting headaches and itchy eyes/nasal discharge about 2 weeks ago.
Just today he seemed to want to urinate often again, 5 min after last urination.
Sometimes he gets extremely tired but then it clears up in a couple of hours and sometimes he can be extra hyper.
What I did so far: excluded gluten and dairy. Waiting for referral to specialist and blood work.

Could you please give me some ideas of what this could be.
Thank you!

Hi, Julia,

Frequent daytime urination is often what we call pollikiuria, a stress related phenomena.  The urine is normal, a genital exam is normal, there is not excessive night urination and it goes away.  There are few things that can cause this pattern.

Abdominal pain around the navel in most kids, statistically, is of a benign cause.  Headaches are also vague symptoms that can be do to a lot of things.  The itchy eyes and nasal drainage, this time of year in North America, are usually allergic in nature.  

Excluding gluten needs to be done for many weeks.  Dairy exclusion should give results in a week or so.

My guess is that these may be stress related symptoms, but that is only a well educated guess.  Please make sure this possibility is discussed, for this may obviate the need for a bunch of expensive and not very fruitful tests.

Good luck, Dr.Olson  


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