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Hello doctor, my daughter is 4 years old and she started feeling pain in her belly vomitting once and had 39 fever for only last Friday. Saturday, Sunday and Monday was fine only Monday night she had vomitting again and the pain returned. She has no fever bad she had vomitting once more, she is comlpaining about a pain in her belly that comes and go a pain at the back of her knees. She doesn't eat anything, she looks very tired and she sleeps many hours a day and all night. The doctor today said is not very serious but i am very concerned. Its the first time i see my daughtet so tired and sleeppy. Please doctor help me. Thank you very much

Hi, Popi,

I suspect, like your doctor, that this is a virus illness.  If so, she needs fluids and time.  If the pain is progressively worsening, then she needs to be re-examined carefully by your doctor and some additional tests may need to be done, depending on how she looks.

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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