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I have a 6 years old son.he has started preschool from last Month(he will start grade 1 from Sept)..he has separation anxiety disorder ,the anxiety doesn't let him to get connected easily.I have been in his school for 2 weeks but nothing has changed!!!I am told that I should stay more,but I can't get too many days off from my work.what should I do?please advise me.

ANSWER: Hi, sara,

In the USA, we would say take him to his pediatrician, get a good history, including family history of anxiety, check some basic labs to be sure his thyroid gland and other things are functioning well and then refer him to a pediatric counselor.  This is what I would suggest.  I'm not sure what resources like this you have available.

Good luck, Dr. Olson

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QUESTION: Dear Dr.oslon
Thanks for your kind reply.thyroid gland and which others may not function well?

Hi, sara,

Generally in the USA, I would look at a complete blood count for anemia, check a TSH for thyroid, check a lead level, and might get a strep antibody titer, to rule out what is called PANDAS.  Google it! It is highly likely all this will be normal.

Good luck, dr. Olson


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