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Hello doctor,
My daughter is  4 years old she stopped wearing pumpers since she was 2 and a half and she never wets her bed at night. She drinks some water -i am not sure about school hours- and she goes to the toilet at least 5 times a day. Everything looks normal but i believe that she doesnot produce enough urine (comparing with my elder daughter -7years old). I can't tell for the rest of the day because i am not sure about the amounts of fluids intake. But in the morning i believe that she should produce more urine, especially the nights she wakes up and drinks water. I don't know doctor, is this serious? Is there something i can do, please help me because i am very concerned.
Thank you very much

The amount of urine you produce is purely a reflection of how much you drink. At night we produce a hormone called ADH which slows down urine production and allows us to sleep through without needing to go to the toilet. In the morning the urine is therefore quite concentrated but during the day the concentration of the urine will depend on how much your drink. If you are worried you should speak to your own doctor.


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