Over the past two months, I have become worried that my 4 year old son has leukemia. I tend to worry more than necessary but he has multiple bruises on his legs, has had one or two small bruises on his trunk, is pale and has had two ear infections and two URIs since early May. His weight is stable, he is not unusually fatigued and has no enlarged lymph nodes.   I have had him at the pediatrician several times for the URIs and ear infections so he has had physical exams but should I push for blood work?  Would it be obvious if he had leukemia?

Thanks in advance.

Hi, Brooke,

I'm not a big believer in labs for kids, but when a mother asks me about leukemia and her kids has vague symptoms, I usually just do a CBC with differential count.  Easy to do and pretty definitive evidence that a child, hopefully, doesn't have it.  Ask your doctor about this.

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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