My almost 6 month old (13.5 lbs) is swaddled. She has started rolling over in her swaddle. At first she was waking up after doing so but now she will roll over onto her stomach while swaddled and remain asleep for a few hours. We have tried everything this last week and she WILL not fall asleep unswaddled nor stay asleep unswaddled unless she is laid on her tummy. I have Ben doing tummy during the day but not at night because she can seem to roll from tummy to back. I am at a loss at what to do at night but I know she has to come out of the swaddle since she is sleeping on her tummy at some point during the night now! We have tried the zipadee zip suit but she is so little that it doesn't provide any resistance and she doesn't fall asleep because she. Constantly moves her arms. I don't know if I just need to put her on her belly to sleep at night and expect some rough nights of going in and sushing and patting when she wakes up. Miserable!! Any help?

Hi, Amy,

I've never been a big fan of swaddling, for a number of reasons.  This is one of them, the developed dependency on this to fall asleep.  I would start by doing a light swaddle and then over a few days convert this to none.  Babies who are rolling all over the place at 6 months really are not ones that the "back is best" notion of sleep applies.

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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