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Pediatrics/my 3 year old is having dark colored urine


         My son is 3 year old and he is very reluctant in drinking water. Although we give him milk, juices and lentils(gravy). He is only 10 kg in weight. 4 days back his morning loo is pinkish in color. we thought that it might be due to the fact that his liquid intake is less.
So we started giving him more liquids in the form of milk, glucose and fennel water. Now color of his loo is yellow but he goes loo very frequently(within 45-50 minutes or so, in night also). Even he is doing urine in his pants also in school(his school is new).
Is it some medical problem or behavioral problem. I am giving him fennel water early in the morning. Should I stop it and consult some doctor and go for urine testing?


Have him seen by his doctor.  A brief checkup, a urine test, and a good history can tell what is going on.  Lots of extra liquids are virtually always good for kids.  You just need to be sure he is not developing something serious like diabetes or some other issues.

Good luck, Dr. Olson

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

   Thanks for your reply. I went to my doctor and he diagnosed that the opening at his penis is closing, that is why there is infection there. He had done urinal testing and reports are normal. He has given T-bact ointment for applying at the tip of his penis and alkasol syrup for 5 days. He asked to open that area after applying ointment.
Earlier my mother in law used to open that space regularly, but for 10-11 months we stopped doing this activity. Is it necessary to this thing regularly till he is 5 year old.


Phimosis, the closing down of the foreskin, can cause a lot of symptoms, but usually not frequent voiding.  Generally we tell parents that the foreskin should naturally retract between 3 and 13 years.  It usually happens spontaneously.  I would be very careful and probably wouldn't do anything to forcibly retract the foreskin, for this might lead to further inflammation.

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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