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Dr. Olsen,
Thank you for your time. My 15 year old daughter has had floaters in her left eye off and on for several months. She will experience small dots and then a gradual loss of vision.  A few seconds later her vision returns. This has happened about 8 times this year. I took her to an eye doctor. The doctor dilated her eyes and didn't find anything wrong with her eyes. She said whatever it was is not optical.  Today she experienced an episode, but this time it hurt her. She said it felt like something was pinching her eye.  What kind of things could cause this?  I am thinking of taking her to her pediatricians but what will they likely do?  Thank you again!

Hi, Tanya,

This doesn't sound like floaters, that will not cause a gradual loss of vision and then a return.  The eye doctor didn't see anything and that rules out floaters.  I would wonder about a migraine equivalent phenomena, with not a headache, but the visual changes being a manifestation of the migraine.  This is more likely if there is a FMH of migraines.  

Please schedule a complete eval with your pediatrician.  A great history and physical will go a long way to finding out what this is.

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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