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hello dr ,i am almost 37 week pregnant . today i had an echo for my baby , all was normal but they said that she ahd an adducted right foot , knowing that last echoes done was normal , my baby is in longitudinal position head up an her legs pressing down on my bladder . my question if u can help me , not diagnosing but i need your opinion , could this problem be nothing just because the space now in the uterus is tight ??
they said we have to wait untill she is born !
thank you in advance .

Hi, fatima,


I think that an ultrasound to definitively make a diagnosis of a foot locked in a fixed position is difficult.  What needs to be determined if the foot is moveable, something your doctor will determine at the exam of the baby.  Even if this is a foot problem, they generally can easily be fixed by methods such as serial casting to bring a wayward foot back into a normal position.

Have an uneventful three weeks or less!  Dr. Olson


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