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Pediatrics/stomach pain,irregular bowel movements,underweight


hello Dr.
I am from India
its quite urgent please help sir.
My son is 3.5 years old (weight: 11 kg
he has stomach pain for last 22 days.24 hrs. he keep  complaining about mild pain and every
morning when he gets up and after having food he complains about strong pain and screems.
he don't pass the stool for 2-3 days and when
he do he screems a lot in pain and squizz his
body and after that he feels good and when
asked about the stomach pain he say No.
he don't pass gas too but his stomach feels
soft.we had some tests too.
urine test: normal
T.B skin test: negative
ultrasound/Sonography: "Gassy Bowel loops is seen"
on Doctor's advice we have stop Milk and
spicy food
these are the medicines Dr. prescribed.-
1: cefixime oral suspension
2:Lansoprazole orally Disintegrating tablets
3:Magaldrate,Simethicone oral solution
4:polyethylene Glycol 3350 powder for oral solution
please help sir.

Hi, shipra,

Stomach pain in India, from what I gather in this forum, is sort of treated in a "shotgun" approach, ie. give a lot of meds and see what happens.  

The antibiotic cefixime, the proton pump inhibitor, antiacid lansoprazole, the med for constipation, 3350, is a strange combination.  Is this all constipation?  The fact he had no stool for a few days suggests this.  Has he been having infrequent hard stools?  If so, all the other meds except the 3350 are probably unneeded.  I can't really tell you what to do, but if this is only constipation, it is really overtreatment.  

Good luck, dr. Olson


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