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Hello Dr. Olson,

My baby girl is 14 months old, and has been having skin rash with itching from the time she is 2 months old. This rash has been persistent and can be seen on her extremeties and chest. Follow up with paediatricians and dermatologists revealed that she has "Atopic Eczema".
I have used steroids (rarely though!)- Alfacort and Mometasone, which provides relief for a couple of days.
Now that she is 14months old and has started eating normal food, I wonder if certain food could also act as an allergen?
Also, we stay in Qatar..(Extreme hot!!)... Could the weather and the water be a reason for the eczema?
I feel helpless as a mother wen she itches and draws blood from the rash! How can I help my baby girl...
Looking forward to hear from you,

Hi, Jisha,

The treatment of eczema involves daily baths, followed in three minutes, by a thick coating of a product, like vaseline, to seal in the moisture.  Any advise about not bathing frequently, as this dries out the skin, is just wrong.  Discuss with your pediatrician the recent guideline in 2014 regarding a skin based approach to treating this.  

Hot weather is generally humid, maybe not in Qatar.  This generally in a humid climate helps the skin.  You need to do consistent daily skin care, with a rescue steroid for the stubborn patches and perhaps a lower strength maintaining steroid a couple times a week.  

Google, atopic dermatitis AAP guideline to see what I am talking about.

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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