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Hello dr it me again , fatima
I have a problem , my little 24 days old baby girl is on both bottel and breast feeding .because she is not satisfied by breast feeding .the problem that today she is refsusing totaly to nurse .crying ,shouting ... later i gave her bottel she ate it all .what should i do .i have milk discharge from my breasts not totaly engorged . But there is milk ( cler to white in color)...
Thank you for your help .sincerly yours fatima

Hi, fatima,

If she was feeding successfully before, there is no reason she shouldn't again if she is hungry.  A bottle is easier to feed from than a breast.  I would go back to consistently drinking a lot to increase your milk supply and go back to frequent feeds to stimulate milk production by her sucking action. If hungry enough, and not offered a bottle, she will again nurse.  Try having someone other than you give her a bottle, if it is really needed.

Good luck Dr. Olson


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