Good day dr .i kindely want to ask you 3 questions about my 23 days old baby girl .
She is on both breast and bottel feeding but manily eating bottel feeding more . She started to have too much gases and  discomfort since about days ,the dr gave me medicine simeticona 75g/ml to be given 3 drops q 8hrs prn for colites . The problem i trued massage of abdomen and medicine not relieved totaly .has 1 soft  bowel movement perday . The weather here in.brazil very hot .please tell me what to do next .
2nd question ,at which age i can.prick her ears for earing .
3rd question, can we give a new born sips of water ?
Thank you in advance . Fatima

Hi, fatima,

Simethicone drops will help, perhaps, with swallowed gas and won't do anything for gas that is farted out. This is from digestive processes. If the "gas" persists, discuss perhaps a formula change with your doctor.

Generally I don't recommend the piercing before 6 months, but can appreciate different cultures do this at different times.

All newborns can have sips of water, especially in very hot climates, as long as the water is safe.  Most do fine with just formula and/or breast milk, but water is safe.

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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