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QUESTION: My son is three months old. For the past ten days he has been passing loose mucus stools sometimes yellow sometimes green. His stool is positive for klebsiella. He is on antibiotics. But there doesn't seem to be any improvement. I'm giving him nan pro 1 twice a day apart from breastfeeding him. Reducing substance in stools is also negative. What should I do?

ANSWER: Dear Siva,

I think the illness should run out in a few days, but just wanted to know which antibiotics is he getting and how were the antibiotics decided? I mean, did the doctor just prescribe them based on his experience or was it done on the basis of a stool test?

I will await your reply.


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     Initially he was started on walamycin. But he lost 300gms in three days. So we did a stool culture and sensitivity. It turned out to be positive for klebsiella sensitive to ofloxacin. Now he is on day 6 of the antibiotic course. The frequency of passing yellow mucusy stools has not decreased. He passes drops of motion when he passes gas. Now he is not losing weight, but he isn't gaining like he used to. Now I'm giving him ofloxacin, zinc and gastica drops. I'm a gynaecologist and I have my house above my hospital. My paediatrician is suggesting this could be a nosocomial infection. What should be my further plan of action?

ANSWER: Dear brother,

Whether you call it community-acquired or nosocomial, the sensitivity pattern speaks for itself. I would prefer to use a once-daily dose of amikacin 15mg/kg IM for 6 days. However, I think now that he is already on ofloxacin, complete 10 days before changing. You could still ADD amikacin to the current therapy, though.


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QUESTION: Sir, should I do a stool culture after this course of antibiotic? How long should I continue zinc? Should I give him any probiotics? I'm giving him nan pro 1 twice a day. Shall I continue the same or change over to something else?

Dear Doc,

You should aim to use zinc for 14 days. Whether you do a culture or not depends on the child's stool pattern. If he passes normal looking stools and is otherwise okay, there is no need to do the culture.

Hope this helps! Do not hesitate to contact me if you need. (

Dr. Taher


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