My 14 year old son is developing puberty wise on his right side more than the left. His nipple is fuller, he has more hair in his arm pit and on his testicle and also breaks out more on the right side of his face. Is this something I should be concerned about?

Hi, Wendy,

This is a very interesting question that no one has asked me about in over 30 years of practice.  I often see some nipple assymetry in boys as well as girls, but have never seen or heard about puberty changes of all types happening on one side of the body more than the other.  I assume it is a normal variation and unless one side of the body is bigger than the other in general, my guess is that it is normal.  We do see some problems from birth of hemihypertrophy, one side bigger than the other, but this is usually pretty obvious.  

At the next PE for your son, point this out to your doctor.

Good luck, D.r olson


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