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I have a 5 1/2 year old daughter who get sort of bloody noses quite a bit.  She is overall healthy, has eczema and a severe peanut allergy.  She went to public daycare and was exposed to all sorts of germs, had 3  ear infections, hand foot and mouth, plus numerous viruses when she was 3 and under but rarely gets sick anymore, just the occasional sniffles. However we have noticed that some days she comes home from school (kindergarten) and one nostril will look like she had a bloody nose-dark red dried blood all around her nostril and sometimes it looks clogged by a bloody chunk of mucus.  Every time I ask if she had a bloody nose and she says no, I ask if she was hit in the face and she says no and I ask if she picked at her nose (I had never seen her do this) and she says no.  Her school and Afterschool are pretty good about sending a quick email or slip of paper if there is a concern or issue so I feel like they would let us know if she had a bloody nose.  I know she isn't blowing her nose too hard because she is still learning how to blow her nose and rarely does it.  She has had 2 bloody noses, I think both just started without an injury.  We live in Southeastern NE so there is some humidity but the winters are a little dry. Is there any non-medicinal we can do to help with this?  Thanks!

Hi, Erin,

This really doesn't sound like a bloody nose where one needs to do a lot of evaluation/blood work to look at clotting function.  I would just try some local humidity in her room, an inexpensive cool mist vaporizer and a two week course of a bit of triple antibiotic ointment in each nostril at bed for a couple weeks.  This should do the trick.

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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