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Pediatrics/Scalp infection for my 6 year old


Hello my son who is 6 yrs old has currently in the past couple of days started scratching his head a little too often ,I thinking it was lice checked his head for signs of the lice, well my son has some patches of a mucusy type of infection in his scalp that makes hism really itchy, there is what seem to be like eye buggers but in his scalp and it does look like it is spreading since I am finding more patches what do you think this can be?

Hi, Yadira,

You really need to see your doctor.  This can either be a bacterial or a fungal infection or possibly something else.  Can't really tell without looking and the possibilities are treated in very different ways, ranging from a month of oral meds to some creams.  Someone needs to look, perhaps do some cultures and then start some appropriate treatment.

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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