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Pediatrics/bladder infection or uti for my 2 year old


my son has been grabbing himself a lot in the last few days and also screams when we try and put him in the bath. which is not like him at all. could he possible have a bladder infection or uti?

Hi, laure,

It is very unlikely a 2 year old healthy boy has a UTI, but its possible.  If he is uncircumsized the risk is increased.  He needs to have a good exam of his body, including careful inspection of the penis, and a urine test might be needed.  Usually boys this age have some irritation of the meatus, the opening the pee comes out, rather than a UTI.  He may, if he is circumsized, have a condition, usually seen by inspection, called meatal stenosis.  

Have him checked,

Good luck, Dr. olson


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