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My 7 month old daughter just started teething and we just bought her a crib, she has been sleeping in a pack n play. For the past 2 nights when you lay her down after a she's fallen asleep on the crib she wakes up screaming and crying until we pick her up, and then if we just lay her in our bed she will fall asleep and if you pick her up to lay her back in there she wakes up she will only sleep in it for maybe 5-10 mins, and if you try to lay her in there awake and let her put herself to sleep she will just scream and cry until you pick her up, I tried putting. Soft blanket on top of the matters to make it softer but it doesn't seem to help. Is it because she's teething, or is it because the bed is to hard? How can we resolve this to be able to sleep at night time?

Hi, Alyssa,

The best sleep advice I give to parents is to feed your baby, cuddle her to calm her down, and then, WHILE SHE IS STILL AWAKE AND DROWSY, put her in her crib and have her fuss herself to sleep.  I doubt the crib is too hard, it is just different and it sounds like, if I am reading this right, she really hasn't learned to fall asleep on her own.  Sure, she likes sleeping in your bed, because you are there.  Teething can cause some sleep problems, and you might try a dose of acetaminophen before bed for a couple of nights to see if this helps.

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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