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QUESTION: Hi Dr.Olson .
Our baby is now 8months old. She fell down from a bed on 22nd Feb. But no evident wound, not even a swelling.
As observed, she is behaving partially unconscious at times, during which she is watching us, moving her eyes, but doesnt respond and clearly seen that she is not in our world. Her body completly becomes loose, her head to toe completely loosened and falling. She does like that for 30-45 sec. Have taken her to the paediatrician. Got EEG scan, NSG and MRI scan done for the brain as requested by the doctor. Fortunately everything is normal according to the reports. But she is still having such attacks. Now the paediatrician suggested to consult a neurophisician. Could you please help on this.
Thank you.

ANSWER: Hi, Priya,

I hope all is well in the end with your daughter.  It would be unusual to have these symptoms due to the fall, especially with the normal studies.

I am surprised that the EEG is normal, for to me, this sounds like intermittant seizure activity.  I would suggest an evaluation by a pediatric neurologist, preferably one associated with the vast resources of a teaching pediatric hospital.  This is what I would do in a situation like this.

I wish you well.  I always like feedback, so if some diagnosis is made, could you share it with me.

Good luck, Dr. Olson

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QUESTION: Hi Dr. Olson.
Have shown the video of baby's behaviour to the doctor. In the NSG there was a doubtful 3mm calcific foci noted in both the thalamic regions. Which was in fact absent in the MRI scan. I stopped giving the calcium, D3 and multivitamin drops to my baby from her 4th month. So doc as of now suggested to give these drops and look for changes in the baby

Hi, Priya,

Really tough to know what this is in the thalamic region, and especially tough considering the MRI didn't see anything.  It is highly unlikely these areas, if they even exist, are due to vitamins or calcium supplements.  I still think this is highly suggestive of some sort of seizure or seizure-like activity.  If the activity continues, clearly she should see a university affiliated pediatric neurologist. All the video documentation you can get would be very helpful.  

Good luck, and keep me posted. Dr. Olson


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