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I have the below few queries/concerns regarding the vaccination. My baby is in India now  

1) The following vaccinations are scheduled for 04/18/2016 in INDIA (14 weeks)
 a) DTwP3
 b) IPV 3
 c) HIB 3
 d) Rotavirus 3

2) The below vaccination is scheduled for 05/04/2016 in INDIA (16 weeks)
a) PCV3

3) If they travel and reach USA on 04/13/2016, will all the above vaccinations be provided as per the above schedule? Coz in USA it seems they are given in 6th month which will be 24 weeks..A difference of 10 weeks

4) In the USA vaccine policy, DTwP is replaced with DTaP. Will that be an issue for the babies since they are taking 2 shots of DTwP in India? Or is there option to get DTwP 3 shot in USA?

Hi, Cherian,

I am unclear what the DTwP is.  I looked online and I am assuming that is the equivalent of the DTaP we use in the USA.  

We generally give the PCV vaccine with the rest of them at 2-4-6 months.  I am not sure how it is done in India and am not sure why the PCV3 was not given at 14 weeks.

These vaccines all have minimum spacing for the first two doses in the DTaP series is 4 weeks, with the third then being given 6 months after the second.  We in the USA do the 2-4-6 month spacing.

What you need to do is to bring the full vaccination record to the pediatrician who will be seeing your baby upon arrival to the USA. My guess is that a baby who has had two valid DTwP in India can have the third dose be the DTaP, like we do.  I have never heard of the DTwP in the USA, but it is possible it is exactly the same as our DTaP, and if not, it may be close enough to count.

Sorry.  I hope this does not confuse you more than help, but the person who needs to look at the full record is the peds in the USA.  

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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