Hey, my daughter is 1 and earlier today she fell and I feel she hit her head she doesn't have a bump or anything when she fell she was crying and then acting weird she had her whole body lose and just zoned out i tried making her laugh but nothing was working she seemed really sleepy and just tired she rolling her eyes back a lot & looking gone for about 30mins or maybe more then when i started playing with her it took her a while to react but then she started playing and as of right now she still happy and playful but I've been very worried and I don't know if I should take her to the ER please help

Hi, Vanessa,

I thought I sent the answer yesterday, but doing a lot of stuff at once and may not have been sent.  

My thought was that she had a mild fall, cried, held her breath (we call this, not surprisingly, a breath-holding spell) and then had some lethargy that we often see after one of these.  She should be fine now.  She should be back to normal.  If she isn't, see someone.  Would be happy to explain this further if you wish.

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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