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Hi Dr. Olson,
  I am from India. We have a 9 months old baby girl. Her skin is becoming dry and rough. I bathe her twice as it is peak summer here now. I am using Himalaya soap now. I tried Johnson & Johnson and dove as well. But the skin is still the same. I don't know if I should use a lotion in this season. We stay indoors most of the time.
Could you please suggest some skin care products for her."

Hi, Priyanka,

The secret to soft skin is, for her, bathing twice a day, once with a soap that is mild like Dove, once just soaking for 10-15 minutes in luke warm water, and each time, within three minutes, pat the skin somewhat dry and apply a moisturizer all over.  A lotion is essential to keep the water in the skin and to keep it from drying out with the bathes.  Any type of lotion is fine for this purpose and Vaseline, cheap and plentiful everywhere, works great.

Bathing without immediately applying a moisturizer will dry out the skin.  Bathing with immediately applying a moisturizer will keep the bath moisture trapped inside the skin and will be a barrier to evaporation.

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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