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My 7yo grandsontakes 4mg of Quillivant XR with lmg of G.E. Guanfacine and I am having a hard time feeding him this summer.  He just tells me he is not hungry.  Sometimes I can get him to eat a 1/2 slice of pizza or 1/4 bowl of cereal and milk.  He also takes a multi vitamin and drinks 4oz of choc Ensure but I know that is not enough to sustain a 7 yo.  Any suggestions, please.  Thank you  GracieH

Hi, Grace,

These stimulant meds for ADHD, especially the Quillivant, basically liquid Ritalin, are inherently appetite suppressants.  The Guanfacine is generally not as much of a problem.  

I would concentrate on giving him a big breakfast, the time of the day that the Quillivant has no effect and also be sure to give him a good snack before bed.  Some kids on these meds gain very little weight.  As long as he is not losing weight, if active in the daytime, and is otherwise healthy, we don't worry too much.

Good luck, and happy to answer any other questions, Dr Olson


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