My 2.5 months old little one hadnt pooped for 5 days today and I had to use glycerine to help her poop. Last time she pooped after 3 days (on her own). Both times the consistency was pulpy. What is a normal poop cycle for babies and what can I do to make her poop cycle normal?

Does the mother's diet affect the quality of her milk?

Dear Manisha,

There are two different questions here.

There is no definite "poop cycle" for babies. Every baby is different. What is normal for your baby may be called constipation or diarrhoea in another. What you should monitor is whether the baby has any symptoms related to the non-pooping. Constipated babies will often be irritable or cranky because their tummy is not settled. They may have a reduced intake of milk if the tummy remains full of stool or gas or both.

If there are no such symptoms and the baby is otherwise well, I would not worry much. Do try and keep an eye on whether the baby has any tummy distension when there is no poop for 2-3 days in between.

Now, coming to the second question: of course what you eat affects your milk quality. However, it is not a simple relationship. At times, even the emotional quotient of mom can improve the milk quality or worsen it. Eat a normal, balanced diet. That's about it.



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