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Pediatrics/7 days of moderate diarrhea - no other symptoms


Hello Dr. Olson,

My daughter is 9 years old and has been battling diarrhea for 7 days.  She is not dehydrated and there isn't any blood in her stool.  In fact, she feels completely fine, which is the most baffling part.  She's not had a fever, nor vomiting or any stomach pain.  She is behaving and eating normally.  I did restrict her diet to bland foods for the first few days, but when the diarrhea didn't improve, I reverted back to her normal varied diet.  So this doesn't seem to be food-related at all, and she has no known allergies.  There isn't a family history of celiac either.

She typically makes 5-8 running trips to the bathroom each day (including once or twice at night).  She's had a few accidents, which is mortifying to a child her age, so we've basically been stuck at home.  The diarrhea is very watery, but there isn't any mucus in it.

I tried a few doses of Children's Imodium, which helped a bit.  But without the Imodium, her diarrhea is back full-force.  In the 7 days, it's not gotten worse, but it hasn't gotten better either.  Her pediatrician isn't able to see her until Thursday.

Does this sound like a normal viral illness?  Or could it possibly be crypto, and if so, do most healthy kids fight off this parasite without antibiotics?  Prior to the past week, she has done a lot of swimming this summer, and I understand crypto is fairly easy to pick up.  

I'd like the last month of summer for her to be spent having fun at the pool instead of living in the bathroom!  Thank you for any help you are able to provide.  I hope you are having a nice summer!



If she is feeling well and is otherwise happy, I would watch this for a week or so.  If after a week the loose, blood-free stools persist, than a visit to your Peds to do a good history , a brief exam, and send a stool sample for analysis is warranted.  At this time a regular diet, perhaps w limited milk, would be recommended by most of us.

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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