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Where are the normal soft spots on newborns head? My baby has the regular large on the top but also has a soft line about an inch apart going down the middle of her head. Her doctor just ordered an ultrasound but didn't say any possibilities on what it could be

Hi, Bella,

Their are actually 6 soft spots in the newborn, but the anterior fontanelle and the posterior one are the only ones of significance.  They can vary widely normally in size.  An ultrasound will find out if there is some pressure in the inside that is pushing out the skull, like some blockage of the cerebral spinal fluid flow causing a hydrocephalus.  Remember, the size varies widely in normal babies. Is your babies head larger than it should be?  The doctor, I'm sure, measured the head circumference.  

Good luck, Dr. Olson, and I always appreciate some followup, if you could.


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