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So my 18 month old daughter has been sick for the past day so far. Has a fever, tiredness, drooling, white patches on her tounge, I take it a sore throat since she hasn't been eating, very cranky, and rash spots on her butt and girl genitals. Now just about 2 weeks ago she had all of this plus a rash of spots on her feet and the Dr had guessed it was hand foot and mouth disease. The thing is its only been 2 weeks! And Shes not in daycare nor very rearely around other kids to have gotten it back. Could this be a repeat of hand foot and mouth? Or something else?

Hi, Heather,

I apologize for the late and probably at this time, useless, reply.  

There are several strains of viruses that cause the clinical syndrome we call HFM disease.  It is possible, albeit unlucky, to get a couple of illnesses back to back.  My guess is that this is what happened.  If she is still having symptoms, run this by me again.

Hope this finds her well, Dr. Olson


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