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My son is now 1 month who is a preemie.. and his weight is now 1850gram..just want to know that can i feed breast milk directly? Is their any problem to take bath for him ? When he will get his original skin tone?
(Sorry sir my english is not good hope u understand my doubts)

Hi, Rzi,

I am assuming that you have been using breast milk in some fashion for a long time.  Most preemies in the USA get breast milk, sometimes being nursed from the breast and sometimes with expressed milk and a bottle. Sometimes breast milk has added fortifiers to get added calories.

Bathing is fine and we do this as soon as babies are stable from a temperature point of view.

I am always puzzled by questions of skin color and tone.  I don't really know what you mean.  There is no way to change skin color and what happens, just happens.

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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