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mom in mo wrote at 2006-09-20 19:26:41
I was born with a bronchial cleft sinus and had surgery to remove it at age 14. It was much like the condition described in this posting.

S.L. wrote at 2010-01-17 08:16:17

I know this a old Discussion but I came across it and had to respond. When my son was born he had what looked like a small pinch of skin on the right side of his neck near his collar bone. When he was 20 months old white mucus discharge started coming out. I had him see my a ENT. A CT scan was preformed. They told me my son had a right Bronchial fistula. I was refused by 3 Doctors for surgery. They told me it was too risky, they did not want to be sued. The 4th Doctor Dr. Mark Bookout MD. of Chattanooga TN. Helped my son and took that risk. He agreed to preform the surgery. We had a few hang ups with the Insurance Co. But with the help of Govern Don Sunquest we got approved. Dr. Bookout Closed and removed a cyst that layed in the fistula. The biopsy came back that the cyst had precancerous cells which were in the last stage before turning to cancer. I was told that the bronchial fistula was a gill that didn't close all the way. I just wanted to add our experince and hope it might help others.

Nabs wrote at 2010-04-26 08:07:44

me too my son 8 months old having a small hole in his neck (Bronchial Fistula-sinus) since birth, many Doctors advised us for surgery since we cant know the hole reached where and since sticky discharge some time can cause infection and this wont be good

nini wrote at 2012-08-30 19:16:08

My son had the surgery done when he was a year old and everything went great. He is now 7 years old.. I am not sure how dangerous it could of gotten if I hadn't done it though but I heard that infection could of gotten into the open hole and that it could have been dangerous.  

Lisa wrote at 2012-12-14 22:15:31
I had one when I was young, hereditary apparently as my mum & my cousin also had them (mum was 8th person operated on in Australia)

Never had any problems with recovery or since (1983 was my op)

Although curious to know if you can get them again?

Irene wrote at 2013-03-13 16:48:06
Hello everyone,

My daughter, who is almost three, is scheduled to have surgery this Friday on her right branchial sinus. I am freaking out. Just the thought of putting her to sleep and cutting her open on her neck is making my stomach turn.  What is the recovery time on this procedure?  How about possible risks during surgery? Can we just leave it alone and she may possibly outgrow it?  I already asked the doctor these questions but would be more comfortable for other opinions.  Thanks!

Richard wrote at 2013-05-09 21:33:30
I'm now 55 years old and have them on both sides they run from time to time the left one more than the right one, they have never been a problem to me, I did have them looked at a few times when I was young the Doctors said if there is nothing wrong leave them alone.

Shona wrote at 2014-01-15 06:46:50
My husband, daughter and grand-daughter all have them.

My husband did have the active one removed as a child

approx 50 years ago.  My daughter and grand-daughter both have 2, with one much more active, with clear fluid streaming sometimes or with yukky stuff sometimes also if they have a cold.  Otherwise no problem....and they really dont want surgery.   I'm very surprised how many have surgery as they really are not too difficult to keep clean etc and have no problem.  

elle wrote at 2014-02-28 11:07:04
My daughter is seven years old and has had a tiny hole just above her collarbone since birth. Last year she had multiple scans and eventually doctors told us she had a bronchial cleft fistula. As a new born, milk would sometimes come out of this hole but the midwives, doctors and health visitors kept telling me there was nothing there and that that could not happen! As a first time mum I was written off as inexperienced and overprotective. Nowadays as a seven year-old any kind of illness makes this hole leak a pus like fluid that is sometimes blood stained but as alarming as that sounds she feels no discomfort apart from an occasional soreness on the skin (where she wipes the fluid away) the only treatment we have been offered is an operation to remove and close the area but this would leave a significant scar. She chose to live with it for now but has the choice to have it removed in the future - when she is bigger and more able to cope with the mental and physical trauma of an operation like that.  


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