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dancinmom wrote at 2013-01-15 16:36:07
I would say that the food we eat plays a huge roll in a butt rash.  I'm not a Dr. but I can tell you that we went through the same thing with my son and now my daughter and we have found that oranges, strawberries and baby food with citric acid added all give them bad rashes.  If you keep feeding them what is causing the rash, then yes a rash can last forever.  My son is also lactose intolerant so if he has dairy he gets a red ring around his anus.  We have had to learn what causes these reactions by keeping a srtick food journel.  Once you become suspicious of something you take it out of  their diet for a while and then test them by giving it back and if they get a reaction then you have found what it is.  It can be grulling but it is the best way and you will be thankful you did figure it out.  My son is 5 now and he knows what makes him hurt and what not to eat.  Good thing now that he is in school.  My one year old we just tried strawberries and oranges recetnly and she got a rash with both so now we know and she will not have to suffer over and over again because we are aware of what she eats and have been through this with my first.  Hope that helps!


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