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yousefniya wrote at 2013-07-15 04:06:37
To those parents out there with infants: My two months old daughter had come down with sever diarrhea for two weeks, even one day she had blood in her diaper three times in a row, she was admitted into children hospital twice staying 3 days each time with putting ivy in her hand drawing blood drawing urine by using catheters, ultrasounds still they did not figured it out what is causing her diarrhea, she was released because doctors told us she could catch some other illness by staying in the hospital we figured it up that she might have allergy to lactose we switched her formula to Gerber soy which has no lactose. she has not had diarrhea


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Pediatrician, retired. I trained at Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia some years ago and I did private practice here in Winston-Salem for 30 years until I went full time to the Wake Forest Medical School until retirement.

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