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hi, sir can a person who has taking baptism from Methodist church go for missionary training at Pentecostal tpm church branch in south India and if how can I do that .

First of all, let me apologize for the delayed response. I had not checked my messages.

I do not understand your question. I would suggest you ask someone in your denomination or the place of training you are going. I'm sure they would be able to explain their requirements. These vary from place to place.

I trust you find the answer you are seeking...

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I am well versed in Pentecostal History. I knowledge regarding Oneness Pentecostals/Apostolic/United Pentecostal Church. There has been much controversy over the issue of the Trinity vs Oneness.


I was a licensed minister at one time with the United Pentecostal Church and know what I'm talking about.

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