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Follower of Christ wrote at 2010-07-23 20:38:03
Bless you.... I've been going through something similar. I've been very confused on my decision making like never before and now I sense it's a spirit that is not of GOD.  

diane stone wrote at 2011-05-06 21:25:12
i went through the almost same thing,and still am,i lost my family,my home,i have moved 7 times,and still have these evil spirits,i have found between 25 to 40 people like us,2 of them i know took their own life,i don't know who we are,i do know that god knows what we are going through,he spoke to me through the holy spirit and said,michael,gabriel,and azriel are all up here in heaven with me,thou shalt not worship the angels,i am the god of abraham,of issac and of jacob,i am the god that will bring down the new heavens and the new earth and you will be there i the lord has spoken it, so i don't know if this has some thing to do with the end of time or what,but i do know if they get a half of a chance they will do things to her so that she will take her own life,i have almost died,maybe 4 or 5 time but the lord watches over me,all she can really do is,hold on to jesus,keep her faith,and read matthew,mark,and luke and remember that jesus died for her to.god bless you.  

Isaac Castro wrote at 2012-12-22 10:49:15
Hello, I believe what your mother is experiencing is being unable to descernment which voice she here's! We listen to three voices inside our minds. Our own voice, the voice of the devil, and the voice of The Holy Spirit. More then likely the devil's voice told her to kill herself, but through compassion The Holy Spirit told her to stop. The devil is able to disguise it's voice like the one of the Holy Spirit! The only way to make The Holy Spirit's voice more clear and be able to descern the voice of the devil is by leaving a life of a real Christian.  This is when we must start to give up the ways of the world to the fullest! The reason your mother is going through this is because she truly is seeking more of God, but must surrender completely to Him and give up everything that is mentioned in Proverbs 8:13 All who fear The Lord will hate evil. That is why I hate pride, arrogance, corruption , and perverted speech. If I can further help you my email is  (951) 236-3536.  May God Bless You!!

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