"l have been a pentecostal christian since 14 and now lm 21, and still battle the liking to masturbate to males online,l use to scout to find males to give them oral sex but every time it suppose to happen God always stop them all but now l want a change and steps to remove this spirit of these lust just tell me everything to do to overcome this sin."
please counsel me , l promise to be honest with every step with you"

Dear Kriss,

I will certainly help you to attain and receive your deliverance.

Be assured i go all the way with you.

I think it may be better to do this over chat in facebook or YM or some other means though, if you agree?

my e mail is all   and facebook is 'iafmp'

Let me know your preference.

Thank you

God bless and be assured you will be free.


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