My husbands family are penticostal and I am a Methodist. I believe alcohol is fine in which his family does not. Why is it such a problem when Jesus drank wine? And he also turned water into wine

Hello Rachel,

You are quite right, of course. Jesus did change water into wine and drunk wine Himself, even in the passover (communion) to honor God.Paulk told Timothy to drink a little wine for his stomach complaint.

However the Pentecostals associate wine with worldliness. Many abusing alcohol, totally deprave themselves and become earth bound. This association is the problem.

As Christians we are trying to be more heavenly minded, instead of earthly minded. More spiritual than bestial. And so we get rid of anything that takes us away from this. Alcohol is often one of these things. So we get rid of anything that doesn't help us be Christ minded. whilst alcohol is not wrong, can even be medicinal, its association often causes us to be more worldly than heavenly. So we don't do it. There is no law against drinking wine or alcohol. Just a wish to be heavenly minded.

Please read Romans 14. In here it tells us that love in action accepts people with weak consciences. If, for some reason they don't eat something or drink something. We do this for alcoholics also. People who can't drink normally. we don't drink for their sakes. Because if what I eat causes my brother to stumble I will stop eating or drinking that thing. Even though I don't believe it's wrong.

Hope this answers your question?

Paul does say:

be blessed Rachel.


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