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Pentecostals/the elim or anglican church-which is correct in doctrines?


I was brought up as an Anglican in a very ''High'' anglo catholic cofe church where I have remained all my life,that is until recently,when I drifted away and got taken in by the Elim Pentecostal church which is so very different from ''Church'' as I knew it.
I found elim so friendy & welcoming,& the worship just awesome,with a live worship band & modern contempory worship songs instead of traditional old hymns with a choir & organ.I enjoyed the sermons a lot at elim & they were always done in a lighthearted way,with a bit of humour thrown in.
Elim has different beliefs and practices to the cofe church,like they don't practice infant baptism & the communion is just a memoriel to what Christ did on the cross for us,whereas the Anglicans believe that at the communion the bread and wine actually changes into the actual body and blood of Christ when the vicar blesses it.I don't buy into this-I go along with what elim believe,that communion is just a emblem in memory of what Christ did for us.
I am so confused now after getting so involved with elim as to which church teaches correctly.Should I stay with the elim church or return to the Anglican church?My friends from my local Anglican church where i'd been going for years wont now have anything to do with me cause of my getting involved in Pentecostalism.My vicar has also banned me from my local Anglican church as I told her about my involvemen t with elim and I began to tell her I didn't believe in what Anglicans teach about the bread and wine changing into the actual body and blood of Christ,nor did I agree with infant baptism anymore.She didn't like what I said and that she didn't like my running down Anglican beliefs and doctrines etc and told me I couldn't come to the church anymore.
My vicar isn't in agreement with what Pentecostals teach and said i'd been brainwashed by them.
I know I shouldn't have told my vicar that I was now leaning towards what they teach at elim-bit which tradition should I follow-should I stick with the elim Pentecostal movement or return to the Anglican church,after putting things right with my vicar?
I am so confused because I've found websites that are very anti churches of the mainstream kind like the church of England,roman catholic etc and websites that are very anti Pentecostal and charismatic kinds of churches-so should I stay in elim which I do like very much or return to the Anglican church?My elim pastor says that that i'd be better staying in elim as the cofe isn't a Biblical bible believing church and has a lot of false doctrines and practices,as well as beliefs.He said if I want to get ''Saved'' then I wont if I go back to the church of England,so what should I do?stay in elim.I've lost all my friends from the Anglican church since starting to go to a elim Pentecostal church as they think the elim church is a extremist kind of church.I live in Birmingham uk where perhaps the elim movement is different to that in the states.What are your views of Pentecostalism like elim,and the Anglican church

Good question - I understand why you are asking. I would like to make one statement up front regarding correctness of churches and denominations - I have nothing against denominations, but none of them are 100% perfect - we as Christians ought to be always examining what the teachings are of any church by going to the one and only completely trustworthy source - God's word. Our allegiance should not be to the church doctrines but to the Biblical doctrines.

With respect to the bread and wine turning into the actual body and blood of Jesus - we do not find that anywhere in scripture. We find it treated symbolically only. Here is one document which presents fairly basically what we read in scripture regarding this:

This refers to Roman Catholicism but the Anglican Church doctrine on this point, though slightly different, are a result of the historical roots of the Anglican Church in the Roman Catholic Church.

As for pentecostalism, there is much to be said which is positive for what pentecostal churches teach however pentecostalism encompasses a very wide range of doctrine and not all are sound. Specifically with Elim - I have not personally attended Elim churches so much of what I say here will be more generic, however I would ask you to examine your Elim church and see if it applies.

Often people in pentecostalism will have an experience and will give themselves over to that spirit without testing the spirit as commanded in scripture and too often what those spirits do and say are unBiblical. Frequently it involves prophetic utterances that are neither tested or handled as we are commanded to do in scripture. Here is a document that may help in this regard:

Another issue in many pentecostal churches is the promotion of "apostles". In many churches  certain leaders are designated as apostles and given authority which is unBiblical - and in some churches you are told that you cannot question the authority of an apostle. Scripturally there were only 12 apostles so anyone else who claims to be an apostle and claiming that their authority cannot be challenged is falsely claiming that authority (I do not have a separate article on that but can provide you with more information from scripture upon request).

Churches and church denominations are all created by man with the intent of bringing together people of one mind and one spirit, however being creations of man, all are subject to the same imperfections and errors that men make. There is only one true church and that is the body of Christ, the body of all true believers, and there is only one infallible standard of truth and that is God's word, the Bible.

Be discerning - spend time each and every day in God's word. Test all things in scripture to see if they are true. If I can help further, please feel free to post additional questions on here or email me.


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