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I know I have not blasphemed the Holy Ghost but I still wonder if God has turned me over to reprobate mind because there's still sinful habits I am struggling with including a few "willing sins".  I have heard if you sin too much that you can no longer be forgiven, even if you do not blaspheme the Holy Ghost.

Hi... I am sorry it took me so long to respond. But your question is a very good question and I can understand why you were concerned. The Scriptures fade do not grieve the Spirit of God. If you have the Holy Ghost "in" you...willful sinning is very difficult to do without extreme conviction. There is a difference between a reprobate mind or someone who has been blasphemed God, and a backslidden person. And you are probably have not blasphemed God... If you had... God will be the last in your mind today... and the conviction and fears of closing your eyes 1 last time tonight ( because of the real heaven and hell) would not be present. Did Paul seen too many times when he gotup early and die daily. Or did Paul sin too many times... asking for the thorn in his flesh to be removed? Perhaps he sin too much with being responsible for the persecution and murder of many in the church?  

In dealing with Sin...besides needing the Holy Spirit inside of us strongly...we often are in need of a good accountability partner. Who is not afraid to put our feet to the fire ( pun intended) when we're messing up... And we have to love our souls enough to allow someone in our life to do that.


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