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Dear Dr. Ainsworth,

My bride and I believe in miraculous healing. And for the second time, we have prayed to send her cancer into one of our goats.  ( Jesus sent the demons into the swine. )  Two years ago, we choose our pet goat, she was our favorite. She died, some might say of old age, but we believe that the cancer had weakened her.  This time we prayed the cancer into our best goat.  Jana’s cancer is now gone !!!!!  Praise our Holy GOD !!!!!  

  So here’s my question,,,,,, do you think that cancer is a regular earthly illness or demonic ?  If, demonic, I should not let that now demon infested host goat stay on my property !  What should I do with it ?  I may have to kill it, after much prayer, to get the demon off the property.

This is not a joke to me !!  Please answer with sincerity !

Thank you very much,
Steve Wilburn

Some diseases are the result of the fallen state of the Earth after Adam's sin. Other diseases are the result of demonic activity. You will need to seek the Lord as to which applies. With that said, I don't see why you would need to send the disease or the demon into an animal in the first place. Just because Jesus did it doesn't mean you should; and, if you do, then you must do it for the same reason! It should be pointed out that Jesus sent the demons into a herd of swine/pigs and not a goat. Swine/pigs are considered unclean animals while goats are not. In the single instance where Jesus sent the demons into animals, the animals themselves ran off; so, it would seem that your goat should run off too - all things being equal.


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