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Dear Elder Pullen,

My bride and I believe in miraculous healing. And for the second time, we have prayed to send her cancer into one of our goats.  ( Jesus sent the demons into the swine. )  Two years ago, we choose our pet goat, she was our favorite. She died, some might say of old age, but we believe that the cancer had weakened her.  This time we prayed the cancer into our best goat.  Jana’s cancer is now gone !!!!!  Praise our Holy GOD !!!!!  

  So here’s my question,,,,,, do you think that cancer is a regular earthly illness or demonic ?  If, demonic, I should not let that now demon infested host goat stay on my property !  What should I do with it ?  I may have to kill it, after much prayer, to get the demon off the property.

This is not a joke to me !!  Please answer with sincerity !

Thank you very much,
Steve Wilburn

Dear Steve:

As you get to know me better you will learn that I do not consider any question about the Word of God irrevelant. There are some questions however that must be dealt with in a straight forward and plainly answered manner Yours is such a question.

Jesus, as God, commanded the devils to depart from the possessed man of the tombs of Gadara. It was the request of the devils themselves that they be allowed to continue their demonic work in some other way. Jesus caused them to indwell the swine which were considered under Mosaic Law to be unclean. In plain words He commanded the unclean spirits to indwell the unclean swine. When they did, the unclean swine (hogs), ran into the sea and were destroyed. It is my opinion that the devils were returned to the regions of the lost in hell and there confined until final judgement of all things.

However Jesus never told His disciples to continue that practice of casting out devils into ANY animal as a method of destroying them. None of the Apostolic teachings, or anywhere else in the New Testament record of actions taken by the New Testament church, indicate that this was ever replicated by anyone in the Apostolic Church, of which we are all now members, if so be that we are indeed true followers of Christ. There is therefore absolutely no Biblical authorization for any of us, including yourself, to assume that we can duplicate this action of our Lord Jesus Christ.

As to whether or not ANY sickness is caused by satanic action, please let me remind you of Job. He suffered greatly during the trial of his faith when plagued by Satan, and in many ways, but never repudiated either his love for God or his integrity in Gods eyes The whole point of this story as it applies to your question is that Satan could do absolutely nothing to Job until God allowed him to. God, in His eternal all knowing mind knew from the very start that Job would never compromise his integrity by refusing to accept Gods will or by charging God with unfair actions relating to his own sufferings . The saints of today are just as esteemed in Gods eyes as Job was.
Cancer can have many roots in the environment through many things we eat, drink, or inhale from a man corrupted natural environment. Can it be caused by Satan? Jobs terrible boils were, however by what natural agency Satan accomplished these things we are not told. Just keep in mind however that all the things Job suffered were allowed by God Himself. And it was God who returned his health and all of his former possessions to him.

There are several examples given in the New Testament of faithful saints becoming deathly sick But none of these accounts considered the sickness as coming from satanic sources. Just as the Apostolic era saints were subject to sickness so are we, but we must never assume that all sickness is caused by Satan. As The Preacher recorded, "It is appointed unto man a time to be born and a time to die." None of the Apostles or early church saints are alive among us today but we would be foolish to assume that Satan simply killed them all.Sickness and death have been and will be a common event in the lives of all of us until the Lord sees fit to take His Bride, the church, home with Him eternally.When we ask God to heal us He can answer either yes or no. Our integrity before Him will determine whether we can love Him equally for either answer.

From the days of the Apostles and continuing on through our days there is but one Biblical command concerning sickness. "Is any sick among you? Let him call for the Elders of the church, and let them come, anointing him with oil in the Name of Jesus Christ and praying over him,  and the Lord shall raise hum up,and the prayer of faith shall save the sick and if he has committed sin, it shall be forgiven him." Note two things. First there was sickness among the saints in the Apostles days and there was a remedy give for it that included no Satanic animal infiltration at all. Save your pet goats! Their deaths hold no promise of healing for you at all. Isaiah instructs us that it was by the horrible stripes beaten into our Saviors back that we gain our healing. The days of the scape goat being exiled into the wilderness supposedly taking with him the sins of Israel were of course forever ceased when the Lamb of God was slain for the forgiveness of the sins of the whole world.

Thank you for your question. I do pray that my answer will be sufficient to clarify Biblical doctrine concerning it.


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