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Dear brother,

Greetings in Jesus Christ,

Im strong christian with christian values. now Im in 34 years software engineer and doing ministry

Im looking for good looking christian bride.

but no pastor here in India supporting for happy marriage

happy marriage is the individual choice is it or not?

i want to get married a girl who suits to me my outlook my thinking etc..

whats wrong in that..?

is any rule there to marry a ugly looking  girl only in bible.

david and ,solomon abraham get married with good looking girl only.

but all pastors used to marry good looking girl as well as supporting their son's & daughters to get marry a good looking girl only but their preaching entirely differnt

why this partiality?

kindly reply i need your email interaction for long time


Hi Mahesh

I see you have a difficult cultural problem which I am not really qualified to answer.

In my culture man and a woman make the decision to marry. It would be unusual for the family to interfere or a pastor to interfere unless there are serious issues that need to be addressed before a marriage should take place. They form a close relationship during courtship and engagement and have the opportunity to discover if there are personality flaws that will cause problems. I think it might be different in your culture

A Pastor has a responsibility to guide you. Choosing a marriage partner should not be for superficial reasons. By all means choose a partner who is pleasant looking and has a pleasant disposition but be guided by God


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