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I have been married   before  and prayed about being a decon  in  the church I was asked by the  pastor  I am married again  been married 17 years

so very sorry for the delay.  My father is visiting from Indiana and had to go into the hospital unexpectedly.

My friend, there are opinions all over the map on the questions of divorce, remarriage and involvement in the church.  My best suggestion is to follow your heart and the advice of your pastor.  I commend you on your desire to serve the Lord and the people in His body.  The Biblical standard for divorce and remarriage is valuable but somewhat open to interpretation and application depending on the circumstances in your case.  I hope you have a good pastor who can review this and your elegibility with you to determine the best place for the exercise of your gifts in the church.  God bless you.

Yours for Acts 2:38 salvation,



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Robert L. Morgan


I was raised as a 4th generation Pentecostal in an ordained Assemblies of God minister's home and educated for the ministry at an A/G Bible College. I transitioned into the United Pentecostal Church International and also attended one of their Bible Colleges. I have a balanced understanding of the Oneness/Trinity debate, water baptism in the Name of Jesus, grace versus legalism, the new birth, the differences between Charismatic, Apostolic, and Pentecostal, worship, church history and the evolution of Christian theology. I have also personally confronted the issue of same gender attraction often found among classical Pentecostals.


I have a deep passion for doctrine and history which I invested myself into heavily while pursuing my education. My entire life has been spent finding Scriptural balance with help provided by exposure to reputable ministries from across the spectrum of the modern Pentecostal and Charismatic movements.

Presently, I am the General Chairman and co-founder of the Global Alliance of Affimring Apostolic Pentecostals, an "affirming" organization dedicated to sharing truth as it is understood by Pentecostals with all people, including but not limited to gay people in their pursuit of God's fullness in their often challenging lives. I attend a multicultural United Pentecostal Church in Tampa, FL.

The Pentecostal Herald. I was also one of the featured subjects of an article written for Charisma Magazine in 2000 regarding the issue of Homosexuality and Christianity.

I graduated in 1983 from Southeastern University in Lakeland, FL (Assemblies of God) with a Bachelors degree in Theology and Pastoral Ministry. I also attended JacksonCollege of Ministries in Jackson, MS where I studied organ, piano and vocal music. I attended A/G churches all my life until 1985 when I fully transitioned in the United Pentecostal Church International. I held a General License with the UPC for several years before resigning to confront personal issues with which I was struggling.

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